An Introduction to Electrical Circuit Theory by G. Williams (auth.)

By G. Williams (auth.)

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As the load voltage is zero In must then have a value equal to the short-circuit current of the one-port network. 31 Norton equivalent by the addition of a current source By the superposition theorem we may say that the source In is producing an equal and opposite voltage across the load as the network. Thus the equivalent current source within the network causing the original voltage across the load must have a value equal to the current flowing between terminals as when they are short-circuited.

34 which shows three resistances connected in the T (or Y) configuration.

There will thus be a total of four volt-ampere relationships describing the network and if the network is completely resistive the voltampere equations are simply equivalent resistances and it may be shown that two of these are identical. ' This means that an ideal voltage source and an ideal ammeter connected to different parts of a network may be interchanged without affecting their readings. 32 Network Reciprocity applied to a two-port, linear resistive network 52 AN INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT THEORY The dual statement of the reciprocity theorem concerns the interchange of a current source and a voltmeter.

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